About Borchart Steel

For over half a century, family-owned Borchart Steel has been recycling metals in the west Metro and central Minnesota region. Our locally owned and operated business is built upon honesty, service and environmental stewardship.

Today, more than ever, we are committed to the business of efficient metal recycling. As the goal of sustainability becomes more critical, we work hard to maximize the best use of our natural resources.

For example, our demolition unit dismantles large industrial and commercial facilities in a way that allows us to recover as many still-useful assets as possible. We are experts at salvaging and re-purposing machinery, HVAC equipment, and building materials that might otherwise simply be scrapped for their metal content, or, even more wasteful, landfilled.

Our “green” methods have earned the trust of clients like 3M, Honeywell, General Mills, Onan, and Unisys. Large or small, we serve our customers with the same commitment to efficient, honest, and responsible metal recycling.